Industry Commitment

AISI Members’ Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

American Iron and Steel Institute members are actively engaged in the communities where they operate. We create employment opportunities in cities where steel is produced across America. The production of our steel generates tax revenue in communities across the U.S. Our business attracts collaborative industries and customers to the communities where we operate. Our employees are active members of the community, engaging in community service and volunteerism. Our steelworks provide internships, fellowships and other direct support of community educational programming while also providing both dollars and talents to the nonprofit sector.

American Iron and Steel Institute members contribute economic value to the communities where steel is produced. Steel works create positive tax impacts in the states and communities where they operate. Steel stimulates the economy by spending money on research and development, environmental protection and modernization. At the same time, these companies generate income for shareholders, communities and employees. The manufacturing industry, steel customers and suppliers also receive direct support from those who make steel and those who buy it.

American Iron and Steel Institute members support workers who are central to the success of steel. Our steel works are committed to the safety, health, well-being and advancement of its workforce, providing extensive training for our employees. Safety and health are integrated into all aspects of steel businesses. Investments in new technologies protect employees, advance efficiency and create value while stimulating jobs in other industries.

American Iron and Steel Institute members enhance our lives responsibly without compromising the needs of future generations. A strong steel industry shapes our modern cities, enabling a superior quality of life throughout the U.S. Steel produced by AISI members builds better transportation systems, allowing our society to travel efficiently, reducing congestion and pollution. This same steel ensures structural resilience in our buildings and infrastructure in the face of natural disasters. AISI members are producing new grades of steel which also make common products lighter, stronger and recyclable. These products are actively enhancing our infrastructure, our architecture, our transportation and our food packaging.

American Iron and Steel Institute members are committed to environmental stewardship as a best business practice. Steelmakers recycle to conserve energy in the production of steel as well as conserve earth’s natural resources. In fact, about 95 percent of the water used in steel making is recycled or reused.  Likewise, nearly all by-products from the steelmaking process in the United States are recycled or reused. To reduced steel’s production footprint, steel works invest millions in environmental management systems to ensure compliance with all national and local laws and regulations.

American Iron and Steel Institute members actively promote, and are inextricably linked with, economic growth. More than 130 thousand workers are employed by the U.S. steel industry. The steel produced by these workers also indirectly supports up to one million jobs in the greater economy and is integral to the national infrastructure which supports all forms of commerce.

American Iron and Steel Institute members are committed to transparent communication with the public, policymakers, employees and other key stakeholders. AISI members share information through a variety of corporate social vehicles, including annual reports, government filings, industry reports and town halls. AISI members actively incorporate this feedback into business practices. These companies also report key industry statistics which are used for benchmarking performance and are made available publicly. AISI members work together to promote a shared understanding of business, environmental and social impacts of conducting business.