Washington Monument - Federal Advocacy for Steel


The American Iron and Steel Institute’s Mission is to influence public policy, educate and shape public opinion in support of a strong, sustainable American steel industry committed to manufacturing products that meet society’s needs.

To further this mission, AISI:

  1. Focuses on the advocacy of public policy issues central to the steel industry, issues where AISI can make an impact and issues where there is strong member alignment.
  2. Informs and educates opinion leaders about the American steel industry’s strategic importance to national and economic security.
  3. Communicates the benefits that the industry’s technological advances are making to the health and safety of its workforce and to the environment.
  4. Collects and provides industry data to policymakers, company personnel and the public regarding steel operations, production, energy efficiency, shipments, import/export levels and consumption.
  5. Assists member companies in attracting and retaining talent.
  6. Advances the competitive use of steel in traditional and growth markets.


The vision of the Institute and its members is for a sustainable American steel industry strategically positioned for growth and innovation and as a leader in the global marketplace.


  1. Steel is the material of choice in a growing number of applications, and markets for steel are expanding.
  2. The image of steel is positive. Steel is regarded widely as a high performance, contemporary engineering material continuously being improved to meet new market demands.
  3. Steel is viewed as a material with low environmental impact due to its recyclability and the industry’s efforts to minimize CO2 emissions through continuous development and deployment of new technology.

American Industry

  1. The American steel industry is world-class and operates in an expanding market; it is aggressively securing market share from competing materials and imports; and the American steel industry is fully capable of taking advantage of opportunities in the global market.
  2. Steel industry customers rely on the American steel producers as a vital component of their success and are investing in manufacturing technologies that support a strong steel demand.
  3. Shareholders are enthusiastic about the industry and its products and prospects.
  4. Steel is an attractive industry for high caliber talent at all levels.
  5. Member companies and the American steel industry are growing, profitable, and respected in the global marketplace.
  6. The steel industry is recognized for its environmental, health and safety performance.


  1. The Institute is well known and highly regarded for proactive and timely deployment of innovative strategies.
  2. The Institute has highly capable staff members, who are respected for their strategic thinking and their effective implementation of plans and initiatives.
  3. The Institute spearheads initiatives that favorably profile the industry’s reputation as a global leader.