Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility of the American Steel Industry

The American steel industry is committed to sustaining a world-class industry, enacting business practices for the betterment of society and advancing the environmental performance of our production processes and products.

Our steel industry is vital to modern society. The members of the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) contribute to humanity by producing a high quality material that both helps build our society and reduces impacts for future generations.

Recycling is at the cornerstone of the industry’s commitment to our one, shared global environment. The American steel industry recycles millions of tons of steel scrap and coproducts of the steelmaking process, conserving energy, reducing emissions and protecting resources.

Members of the AISI are driven by providing value to all stakeholders, operating responsibly, while investing in cutting-edge technologies and processes. These investments drive innovation in process efficiencies and product grades that drive value for customers.

This commitment by AISI members stimulates the economies of surrounding communities, attracting businesses and providing opportunities for the advancement of our valued employees.