Transportation and Infrastructure

Short span steel bridge corrugated steel pipe

An efficient transportation network directly impacts the competitiveness of the domestic steel industry, its customers and suppliers, and American manufacturing as a whole. AISI urges the President and Congress to take the following actions to rebuild our nation’s infrastructure:

  • Commit to substantial and sustained federal funding for infrastructure improvements through multi-year, long-term legislation to rebuild the nation’s transportation, water, energy and other infrastructure.
  • Enact policies to ensure that all iron and steel materials used to build the nation’s infrastructure are produced in the United States, including provisions ensuring that the steel is “melted and poured” – and not just “finished” – in the U.S.
  • Provide for full funding of the investments necessary for the revitalization of the Soo Locks in Michigan, which are essential to ensuring competitiveness of U.S. steelmakers by guaranteeing access to domestic raw materials that support domestic jobs and local communities.