To compete in today’s marketplace, it’s essential to join forces around opportunities of common interest. AISI works with strategic industry, customer and government partners to make American steel the material of choice.

AISI is recognized for its leadership and experience in forging partnerships that keep steel competitive. With our partners, we develop pre-competitive steel solutions to challenges faced by our customers. We’re on the front lines on important issues dealing with national trade and defense, energy, the environment, and market development.

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Auto/Steel Partnership

The Auto/Steel Partnership is a consortium of the American Iron and Steel Institute’s Automotive Applications Council, FCA US LLC, Ford Motor Company, General Motors Company and tier one Affiliates. Formed in 1987, the Partnership leverages the resources of the automotive and steel industries to pursue research, validation and education that have helped automakers enhance vehicle safety and fuel economy while improving design and manufacturing. Through the Auto/Steel Partnership, automakers, steel companies and tier suppliers have worked to drive improvements from concept through realization in vehicles on the road today.

Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance

The Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance (SSSBA) is a group of bridge and culvert industry leaders (including manufacturers, fabricators and representatives of related associations and government organizations) that have joined together to increase awareness of the unique benefits, cost-competitiveness and safety facts related to the use of short span steel bridges in installations up to 140 feet in length. SSSBA was formed in 2007, expanding upon an existing AISI bridge activity.

Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute (CFSEI)

The Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute comprises hundreds of structural engineers and other design professionals who are finding a better way to produce safe and efficient designs for commercial and residential structures with cold-formed steel. CFSEI members work together to develop and evolve industry standards and design methods, produce and issue technical bulletins, and provide seminars and online training to improve the knowledge and skills base of engineers and design professionals.