AISI Automotive Webinar:

Rapid Measurement of Liquid Metal Embrittlement – A/SP Research Results
Tuesday, July 28th - 9:30-10:30am EDT


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AISI hosted a review of Liquid Metal Embrittlement Research Results from the Auto/Steel Partnership (A/SP), presented by Michael Karagoulis, Ph.D., Master Mechanic - Weld Development, Global ME Body-in-White, General Motors Corporation.

The Auto/Steel Partnership (A/SP) has been working collaboratively between automotive OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and steel manufacturers to develop rapid evaluation and measurement procedures to help the industry overcome the challenge of Liquid Metal Embrittlement (LME).

LME can impact various weld types across a variety of materials. Collaborative development of rapid evaluation procedures looked specifically at weld cracking of galvanized advanced high strength steels, helping to speed validation and use of certain grades, such as TRIP and Gen 3 steels.


A/SP’s research work focused on development of two laboratory screening procedures to estimate the cracking temperature of a given material. Hear about the A/SP’s LME research, including:

  • Gleeble high temperature tensile testing procedures developed to measure the threshold temperature and strain rate for LME crack initiation.
  • A second procedure making use of common resistance spot welding equipment to generate temperature/strain conditions similar enough to the Gleeble procedure to promote controlled crack formation near the weld region.
  • And results based on simplicity, speed and cost and a promising procedure which is proving useful for development of AHSS grades with improved resistance to LME cracking.

Watch a recording of this informative webinar and hear how these procedures are enabling automotive suppliers and OEMs to further develop use of AHSS and 3rd Gen steels. This webinar is offered complimentary to the automotive engineering and educational community in collaboration with the Auto/Steel Partnership by AISI.

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