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Metals Industry OP EDI Implementation Guidelines

To support the ASC X12 standard for EDI communications between metal producers and their outside processors/storage facilities, the Joint Metals Outside Processor Work Group has developed EDI Implementation Guidelines. The Guidelines detail by various business transactions, the metal industry’s collective interpretation of ASC X12 standards and document acceptable segment and code usage. The Guidelines are published by Washington Publishing Company and are available in PDF for downloading at a cost of $340.

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Steel Customer Communication System – Outside Processing Manual

In the early 1980’s the AISI Information Technology Committee developed a common standard data format and supporting file structure known as COMPORD to facilitate EDI communications among steel producers, customers and outside processors/storage facilities. Documentation of this COMPORD standard with its nomenclature, transactions, records (data files) and elements (data fields) is detailed in this Steel Customer Communication System Manual commonly known as the “COMPORD Mainframe Documentation Manual”. Transaction descriptions, element definitions, usage requirements and record layouts are described in the text.

This manual is available from the AISI for $250. Updates and maintenance to the text are provided at no additional cost. This document is available at no charge to purchasers of the AISI OPS PC software.

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Steel Code Tables Manual

Steel Code Tables were developed under the auspices of and are available through the AISI to support customer and outside processor electronic communications with steel producers. The tables, which codify various attributes of steel product definition, packaging and shipping terms and outside processing related requirements, facilitate the electronic exchange of information. The Steel Code Tables Manual is available from the AISI for $40, or you may download an electronic copy from the website.

Note: The Steel Code Tables are currently being reviewed and updated by three separate task groups within the AISI. Task group activities are at various stages. The goal is to complete the update process by the end of the Third Quarter, 1997. Previous purchasers of the Steel Code Tables Manual will received updates and future maintenance when available at no additional cost.

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Recommended Evaluated Receipts Settlement (ERS) Process

Standard Business Practices Guideline 
for Trade Between Steel Producers, Outside Processors and Warehouses

November, 1998

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