Design and Research Documentation

Design Aids

Guide Specification for Highway Bridge Fabrication with HPS 100W (HPS 690W) Steel for Non-Fracture Critical Applications – Updated March 2018
04/23/2018 – This guide updates the November 2012 edition. Free download.

Guide Specification for Highway Bridge Fabrication with HPS 100W (HPS 690W) Steel for Non-Fracture Critical Applications November 2012
12/17/2012 – This guide provides the most recent recommended methodology to fabricate and weld structures using ASTM A709 or AASHTO M270, Grade HPS 100W (HPS 690W) steel.

Standards Available for Downloading from AASHTO/NSBA Steel Bridge Collaboration
8/16/2011 – These standards were developed by the AASHTO/National Steel Bridge Alliance Steel Bridge Collaboration and cover the design, fabrication and erection processes.

Guide Specification for Highway Bridge Fabrication With High Performance Steel, Third Edition
7/18/2011 – This edition provides bridge professionals with the recommended methodology to fabricate and weld structures using ASTM A709 or AASHTO M270, Grade HPS 70W (HPS 485W) steel.

Steel Bridge Design Handbook (NSBA)
6/13/2011 – This handbook includes chapters on selecting the right bridge type, stringer bridges, loads and load combinations, and design for constructability, among others.

Steel Bridge Construction: Myths & Realities Released!
1/20/2011 – This document compiles and corrects top myths and misperceptions about the viability of steel in bridge design and construction for a wide range of bridge types.

Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel for Bridges
The benefits of hot-dip galvanized steel, explained by the American Galvanizers Association.

FHWA Steel Fabrication
8/18/2010 – FHWA resource on bridge technology and steel.

FHWA Technical Advisory on Uncoated Weathering Steel in Structures
7/1/2010 – Provides suggested guidelines for proper application of uncoated (unpainted) weathering grade steels in highway structures and recommendations for maintenance.

Corrosion 97, Update on Applications of Corrosion Coulometers
1/1/1997 – This is a review and status description for the corrosion coulometer.

FHWA Steel Fabrication
Provides a link to Federal Highway Administration library of resources.

Research Reports

Seismic Design and Nonlinear Evaluation of Steel I-Girder Bridges Using Conventional and Ductile Support Cross-Frames
7/24/2014 – Updated! The research yielded design examples for steel plate girder bridges that could significantly limit damage sustained in a large earthquake. Replaces 09/2013 rpt.

NCHRP Report 725: “Guidelines for Analysis Methods and Construction Engineering of Curved and Skewed Steel Girder Bridges”
9/12/2012 – The report details the findings of NCHRP Project 12-79, covering simplified 1D or 2D analysis methods vs. 3D methods, and guidelines on construction analysis and plan details.

Performance of Weathering Steel Bridges in West Virginia
3/31/2011 – This report assesses the corrosion performance of weathering steel bridges in West Virginia and presents guidelines and recommendations for their design and maintenance.

High Performance Steels Build Longer and Stronger Bridges (World Steel Association)
1/21/2011 – This study demonstrates the reduction of CO2 emissions through the use of high performance steels. Produced by World Steel Association.

Proposed Seismic Provisions and Commentary for Steel Plate Girder Superstructures
6/1/2010 – This report presents a summary of research and develops code language and commentary that can be adopted into the AASHTO LRFD Specifications.

Steel Bridge Bearing Selection and Design Guide (Full Version)
1/1/2006 – This guide facilitates the process of selecting cost-effective and appropriate bearing systems for steel girder bridges.

Steel Bridge Bearing Selection and Design Guide (Part 1)
1/1/2006 – This section covers Part I of the guide through Steel Reinforced Elastometric Bearings (pages 1 through II-9).

Steel Bridge Bearing Selection and Design Guide (Part 2)
1/1/2006 – This section covers Part II of the guide (pages II-10 through II-36).

Steel Bridge Bearing Selection and Design Guide (Part 3)
1/1/2006 – This section covers Part III of the guide, pages 53-85.

Bridge Code PQR Testing HPS 100W using Mil800-NPNi and Mil800-H Fluxes with LA-100 Electrode
10/27/2005 – This report covers testing conducted to determine if two existing wire and flux combinations are capable of joining HPS 100W successfully.

High-Performance Steel Corrugated Web Girder Fabrication Innovations
4/9/2004 – This report provides a literature and experimental study of strain aging in high- performance steel and other bridge steels.

Inquiries About the Manufacture and Use of HPS Grade 70W and 50W For Bridges
4/1/2004 – Roy Teal, consultant to AISI, the High Performance Steel Steering Committee and the Welding Advisory Group, answers questions about the material.

Statistical Analysis of Structural Plate Mechanical Properties – Full Report
1/16/2003 – This report describes the extensive analysis of the current data that includes both tensile and Charpy V-Notch data. Authors: Somchat Suwan, Lance Manuel and Karl H. Frank. January 16, 2003.

Evaluation of Tubular (Metal-Core) GMAW and GCAW Consumables for Welding HPS 70W
10/23/2002 – The purpose of this work was to determine the minimum preheat required for welding HPS 70W when using gas-shielded arc welding processes and tubular wire electrodes.

Strength and Ductility of HPS 70W Tension Members and Tension Flanges with Holes
3/1/2002 – Experimental and analytical research determines the strength and ductility performance of tension members and the tension flange of flexural members fabricated with HPS 70W.

Performance of Weathering Steel in Texas Dept. of Transportation Bridges (PDF 4.5 MB)
6/2/2000 – The research provides recommendations for achieving good performance from weathering steel bridges.

Weld Deposit Evaluation for the HPS 70W and 100W Steel
12/1/1998 – This report includes the results of research performed on combinations of Submerged Arc Welding consumables needed for joining high-performance weathering steels.

Weldability Testing of the HPS 70W Steel – Final Report
2/1/1998 – This report is a review of the simulative-, small- and full-scale weldability test performed on HPS 70W.

Integral Abutments for Steel Bridges
10/1/1996 – This work reviews development and design implementation to aid bridge engineers.

Status of High Performance Steel Program
1/1/1996 – This report provides an update on the high performance steel for bridges program.

Performance of Weathering Steel in Highway Bridges – A Third-Phase Report
12/31/1995 – This report includes results from the 52 weathering steel bridges that were originally inspected in 1980 as part of Phase 1.

Effect of Yield-Tensile Ratio on Structural Behavior – High-Performance Steels for Bridge Construction
6/6/1995 – This report addresses the influence of yield-tensile ratio on the behavior of members and connections.