AISI’s Committee on Manufacturing Technology (COMT) gives direction to the Collaborative Research and Development Program. The COMT meets twice per year and holds conference calls as needed.


To provide AISI members technological awareness, anticipation, evaluation and leadership addressing opportunities and competitive threats to ensure steel continues as the material of choice.


Increase the competitiveness of the U.S. steel industry by:

  • Lowering energy use and CO2 emissions
  • Lowering emissions to our environment
  • Enhancing product performance
  • Leveraging steel industry resources and risk

Technology Roadmap

Chapter 1: Cokemaking 
Chapter 2: Ironmaking 
Chapter 3: Basic Oxygen Furnace Steelmaking 
Chapter 4: Casting 
Chapter 5: Electric Arc Furnace Steelmaking 
Chapter 6: Emerging Technologies

Institute Medal

The American Iron and Steel Institute Medal has been awarded each year since 1929 to the author(s) of a technical paper having special merit and importance in connection with the activities and interests of the iron and steel industry. The Medal is awarded by the AISI Board of Directors on the recommendation of the Committee on Manufacturing Technology. 

>> Past Winners

2020 Institute Medal Winner

ArcelorMittal Separation of Mill Scale from Flume Wastewater with a Dynamic Separator towards Zero Wastes in the Steel Hot Rolling Process
-- Naiyang Ma, Billi J. McDowell, Joseph B. Houser, Marcelo W. Andrade, Dale E. Heinz

Finalist: ArcelorMittal Numerical and Experimental Studies on Fluid Flow and Microbubble Entrapment During Continuous Casting With a Curved Mold Design
-- R. Liu R. Zhou - Purdue University Northwest H. Yin, Bruce Forman, and Rudolf Moravec

Finalist: SSAB An Optimization Model for Making Alloy Additions During Steelmaking at SSAB Iowa
Yufeng Wang, Sunday Abraham, Rick Bodnar, Randy Petty, Gary Brown, Preston Schaaf, and Myrissa Maxfield,