Geometrical Analysis of Sections – GAS2.0

AISI Webinar – Tuesday, June 16th

@ 9:30-10:30am ET

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AISI and guest presenter Dr. Donald E. Malen, Adjunct Research Scientist and Lecturer – University of Michigan for the introduction of a new software application for thin wall section analysis in automotive design.

Hear how automotive design engineers can use this section analysis tool to calculate section properties as well as model plate buckling behavior to assess the stiffness and load capacity of thin wall structural members; and how this will enable engineers to quickly resize or redesign sections to meet desired performance targets.

Geometrical Analysis of Sections – GAS2.0 software

Dr. Malen will introduce GAS2.0, a new Windows Application used to model behavior of thin walled automotive beam sections.

Learn about the use of thin wall sections for mass efficiency in automotive body and chassis development, and how to accurately predict the maximum load capacity of these components under complex external loads. Attendees will learn:

  • How use of the software during early phase automotive body and chassis structure design helps establish appropriate section shapes and sizes to meet desired performance targets.
  • How the software provides the ability to model plate buckling behavior.
  • How to estimate the load capacity of thin wall sections based on the effective section method.
  • How GAS2.0 enables engineers, through plate buckling analysis, to better utilize and distribute steel grades in their design.
  • How use of the software in later stages can provide fast response to urgent validation requests and to mitigate performance issues.
  • And how using GAS2.0 can result in investigating and creating section designs which are more likely to meet requirements with fewer problems further into development.

Watch this informative webinar and hear how to access and leverage this powerful new analysis tool. This webinar and access to the software and training modules are offered complimentary to the automotive engineering and educational community by AISI.

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