The American Iron and Steel Institute’s Mission is to influence public policy, educate and shape public opinion in support of a strong, sustainable U.S. steel industry committed to manufacturing products that meet society’s needs.

To achieve our mission, AISI:

  • Focuses on the advocacy of public policy issues central to the steel industry, issues where AISI can make an impact and issues where there is strong member alignment.
  • Informs and educates opinion leaders about the U.S. steel industry’s strategic importance to national and economic security.
  • Communicates the benefits that the industry’s technological advances are making to the health and safety of its workforce and to the environment.
  • Collects and provides industry data to policymakers, company personnel and the public regarding steel operations, production, energy efficiency, shipments, import/export levels and consumption.
  • Pursues technology advancements through Collaborative Research and Development.
  • Assists member companies in attracting and retaining talent.
  • Advances the competitive use of steel in traditional and growth markets.

The vision of the Institute and its members is for a sustainable U.S. steel industry strategically positioned for growth and innovation and as a leader in the global marketplace. The work of AISI is focused on:

  • Making steel the material of choice in a growing number of applications, and to expand markets for steel.
  • Advancing the understanding of steel as a high performance, contemporary engineering material continuously being improved to meet new market demands.
  • Supporting and coordinating industry efforts to minimize CO2 emissions through continuous development and deployment of new technologies.
  • Raising awareness about the fact that steel is the most recycled material in the world, more than all other materials combined.

As we pursue our mission, we aim to see:

  • The world-class U.S. steel industry operating in an expanding market and aggressively securing market share from competing materials and imports.
  • A highly competitive U.S. steel industry fully capable of taking advantage of opportunities in the global market.
  • The steel industry recognized for its favorable environmental, health and safety performance.
  • Customers relying on American steel producers as a vital component of their success and investing in manufacturing technologies that support a strong steel demand.
  • Shareholders enthusiastic about the industry and its products and prospects.
  • The steel industry perceived as an attractive industry for high caliber talent at all levels.
  • AISI member companies and the North American steel industry growing, profitable, and respected in the global marketplace.