Section Analysis Software for Automotive Engineers Now Available from the American Iron and Steel Institute Automotive Program

June 16, 2020

SOUTHFIELD, MI – June 16, 2020 – Today, the automotive program of the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) announced new section analysis software is available to automotive engineers. Geometric Analysis of Sections (GAS2.0) is used by designers to model behavior of thin walled automotive beam sections while estimating the load capacity of thin wall sections based on the effective section method.

“Automotive design and engineering have changed drastically over the years with new requirements for performance and occupant protection,” said Hesham Ezzat PhD, senior technical consultant and project lead, automotive program, AISI. “GAS2.0 gives engineers a sophisticated, user friendly tool early on in the design stages that allows them to model plate buckling behavior, ultimately better utilizing and distributing steel grades in their design.”

The primary use of GAS2.0 is during the early stage design of automotive body structure. It allows users to import, construct or modify sections for analysis and interrogation including defining steel grades, wall thicknesses and welds. Through plate buckling analysis, engineers are able to better utilize and distribute steel grades in their design. Results have shown section designs that are more likely to meet requirements with fewer problems to fix during the final design stage, after they’ve been analyzed with computer aided tools.

“Plate buckling analysis of thin-wall sections can be used to evaluate how to use advanced steel grades effectively, by understanding the yield of the effective section,” said Dr. Donald Malen of the University of Michigan. “Through early-stage design and detail-stage design changes, design engineers, CAD operators and analysts can use GAS2.0 to effectively evaluate options more quickly and confidently from their workstation, laptop, or surface tablet.” Dr. Malen was part of the GAS2.0 software development team.

GAS2.0 is a standalone Windows software requiring installation but does not require third party add-ins or supporting software. This analysis software is made available to the engineering and educational community by AISI Automotive Program without license fees. Additional information including tutorials and videos is available at


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