SMA, AISI, and ELVS Agree to Extend Mercury Switch Recovery Program

January 24, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA), the End of Life Vehicle Solutions Corporation (ELVS), and the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) have reached an agreement to extend the ELVS program. ELVS is a nationally recognized program for recovering mercury switches from scrap cars and light trucks prior to shredding. The program will now be extended through the end of 2021.

ELVS, in operation since 2005, has facilitated the recycling of over 6.5 million mercury convenience light switches, containing a total of over 7.1 tons of mercury. The program diverted that mercury from potentially being emitted into the environment. Automakers phased out the use of these mercury switches in new vehicles after the 2002 model year.

“SMA is pleased to announce the extension of the ELVS program. Electric-arc furnace steelmakers and those who produce steel scrap have used ELVS to ensure that mercury switches are removed and properly recycled,” said SMA president Philip K. Bell. “We look forward to supporting this successful program on behalf of 21st Century Steelmakers.”

“Continuing the ELVS program is the most sustainable and efficient solution for ensuring mercury from vehicle switches is removed from the environment,” said Thomas J. Gibson, president and CEO of AISI. “We look forward to continued cooperation between the steel and auto industries on this significant national program.”

“We are pleased the new agreement ensures that the ELVS program will continue to be made available to automotive recyclers on a nationwide basis. We look forward to working with our partners, SMA and AISI, in our ongoing effort to recycle automotive mercury switches,” said ELVS president Dan Adsit.


SMA – Philip K. Bell, 202.296.1515
AISI – Lisa Harrison, 202.452.7115
ELVS – Mary Bills, 586.506.0507