Appliances and steel make life easier—whether it is the stainless steel refrigerator in your kitchen or the steel motor inside it that is quieter and more efficient—or the washing machine for which you received an Energy Star tax credit.

North American steelmakers offer a vast array of innovative products, particularly used in appliances, which are corrosive-resistant.


  • 90% of appliances were recycled in 2012.
  • One-and-a half to two million tons of steel is shipped to the appliance, utensils and cutlery market in the United States annually.
  • When you buy a steel appliance, you are always buying recycled.
  • Appliance motors are made of steel.
  • Steel hinges on refrigerators can support more than 140 pounds of door weight without sagging.
  • On average 75% of the weight of a typical household appliance comes from steel.

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Today’s ENERGY STAR refrigerators use half as much energy as ones made before 1993.