2017 GDIS Presentations

Evolution of Die Wear and Sheared Edge Parameters in Trimming of DP980 Steel

Track 1 - Sergey Golovashchenko - Oakland University and Raj Sohmshetty - Ford Motor Company

Future Applications of Third Generation Advanced High-Strength Steels in Automotive Body Structures

Track 1 - Curt Horvath and Charles(Matt) Enloe - General Motors Company

Predicting Fracture in Ultra High-Strength Steel During Impact Analysis

Track 1 - Kannan Ramamoorthy - Shape Corporation

Evaluation of Die Wear with Stamping DP1180 Steel

Track 1 - Wei Wu - AK Steel Corporation

Advanced High-Strength Steel Technologies in the 2017 Honda Ridgeline

Track 2 - Steve Behm - Honda R&D Americas, Inc.

Advanced High-Strength Steel Technologies in the 2018 Honda Odyssey

Track 2 - Nic Goldsberry - Honda R&D Americas, Inc.

Delayed Cracking of Advanced High-Strength Steel Solutions

Track 2 - Curt Horvath - General Motors Company and Eric Batt - ArcelorMittal

Predicting Ductile Fracture of Advanced High-Strength Steel with Shell Element Models

Track 2 - Keunhwan Pack and Maysam Gorji - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Advancements of Force Generating Technologies for Hot and Cold Forming Applications

Track 2 - Darrell Quander, Jr. - Hyson Metal Forming Solutions

Consequential Life Cycle Assessment

Track 2 - Brandie Sebastian - Steel Recycling Institute

Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) Final Project Results

Track 2 - Harry Singh - EDAG, Inc. and Eric McCarty - Auto/Steel Partnership

Mass Benchmarking Using Statistical Methods and Implications for Lightweighting Design

Track 2 - Benoit Singher - A2Mac1 Automotive Benchmarking and Russ Balzer - WorldAutoSteel

Advanced High-Strength Steel Technologies in the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

Track 2 - James Truskin and Jeff Tibbenham - FCA US LLC

Advanced Concepts with Tailor Rolled Products

Track 2 - Markus Zoernack - Mubea, Inc.

Next Generation Structural Advesives for Improved Processing Properties

Track 3 - Tyler Auvil - Dow Automotive Systems

New Zn Multi-Step Hot Stamping Innovation

Track 3 - Paul Belanger - Gestamp North America

Lasers in Automotive - Innovations for Lightweighting and Fuel Economy

Track 3 - Jim Evangelista - Shiloh Industries

Welding Solutions for Advanced High-Strength Steels

Track 3 - Menachem Kimchi - The Ohio State University

Weight Reduction of Heavy Duty Truck Components Through Geometry and Quenching

Track 3 - Gracious Ngaile - North Carolina State University

Lasers in Automotive - Innovations for Lightweighting and Fuel Economy

Track 3 - Rahul Patwa - Fraunhofer USA - Center for Laser Application

3D Roll Forming Center for Automotive Application

Track 3 - Albert Sedlmaier - data M Sheet Metal Solutions GmbH

New Developments in Laser Welded Blanks Using AISi Coated Boron Steel

Track 3 - Gagan Tandon - ArcelorMittal Tailored Blanks