Efficient Steel Bumper Beam Design Webinar

AISI Automotive Webinar:

& Steel Bumper Systems (SBSV7)
Design Manual Release
Thursday, June 25th – 9:30-10:30am ET

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Join AISI for the release of its most comprehensive edition of Steel Bumper Systems for Passenger Cars and Light Trucks – 7th Edition, with a special webcast featuring co-author Stu Brown, former System Architect, Bumper Systems at General Motors.

This informative presentation will address material properties, manufacturing and product design. Learn about comparisons in system development and changes in crash requirements, addressing high speed crash, and beam vs integrated approaches to crash systems.

Hear why increasing high speed crash requirements create a need for higher strength bumper beams and higher mass Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) will create additional performance requirements for bumper beams in high speed crash.

High speed crash is driving stronger, tougher impact bars” according to Stu Brown, “Steel will remain the clear material of choice, it is four to six times stronger than aluminum, a better solution to enable high speed crash while remaining more cost effective.


Webinar: Efficient Steel Bumper System Design

Bumper engineers at OEM and Tier One suppliers are faced with the challenge of designing economical and lightweight bumper systems that are compatible with evolving safety requirements and styling trends. This webinar and updated design manual, co-authored by Stu Brown, are aimed at helping North American bumper engineers meet these evolving challenges. Webinar attendees will learn:

  • Why high-speed crash events are becoming a bigger driver in bumper systems design
  • Results of a recent technical cost study based on a production front bumper from a large volume mid-size sedan, demonstrating how the mass and cost benefits of steel help designers improve impact at lower cost
  • Hear results of AISI’s recent Bumper System Benchmarking demonstrating how nearly 70% of impact bars are steel
  • Why changing requirements will cause steel intensive systems to become even more preferred
  • And how automotive design engineers can leverage ultra-high strength steel enabling development of stronger bumper beams at competitive mass and lower cost.

About Steel Bumper Systems Design Manual – 7th Edition

This Edition (SBSv7) has been substantially updated to be more clear, concise and user friendly, focusing on Bumper Systems; Material Properties, Manufacturing and Product Design. It has been significantly expanded to include a Global Outlook and the most recent global regulatory requirements.

Watch this informative webinar, and hear why designers continue to turn to steel for efficient bumper systems and how to access this latest design manual release – Steel Bumper Systems (SBSV7). This webinar and access to the Design Manual are offered complimentary to the automotive engineering and educational community by AISI.

For more information contact AISIwebinars@steel.org.