The North American Steel Industry Reduces Energy Intensity

As our country “breaks through” to new, green energy supplies, the North American steel industry must “breakthrough” to new production methods that take advantage of these clean energy sources.

The North American steel industry has continually reduced its need for energy, thus minimizing our footprint on the environment. The steel industry is actively dedicated to meeting society’s needs and advancing environmental stewardship, achieving a 32 percent reduction in energy intensity and a 37 percent reduction in greenhouse gas intensity since 1990.

Because of these advances the steelmaking processes we use today are approaching the limits defined by the laws of physics. To make further reductions in energy use and CO2 emissions, new processes are required. The CO2 Breakthrough Program is an international research project striving to meet this challenge.

Steel is also a big part of creating a green energy infrastructure. To learn more about steel and renewable energy, read this WorldSteel case history on Wind Energy.