#SteelBriefs Profile - Senator Luther Strange (R-AL)

Senator Luther Strange (R-AL)

The American steel industry employs nearly 140,000 workers, supports about a million jobs in the larger economy and is vital to nearly every aspect of modern life. #Steelbriefs highlights the opinions of steel advocates in Congress on key issues critical to the steel industry by profiling members of Congress who have worked to curtail the unfair foreign trade practices that have impacted the industry, and championed other issues critical to steel like transportation, infrastructure and energy. You can follow #SteelBriefs on the American Iron and Steel Institute Twitter (@AISISteel) and Facebook channels, as well as here on steel.org.


How does the steel industry benefit your state?
Primary metals are Alabama’s third largest export and one of the top industries in the state. Last year, Alabama exported almost $1.5 billion in primary metals all over the world, while providing well-paying jobs that help thousands of Alabamians live prosperous lives.

Why does a successful steel industry benefit the nation?
The steel industry directly employs about 140,000 people nationwide, and supports nearly one million total U.S. jobs. Steelworkers produce the materials that revitalize our nation’s infrastructure. They manufacture our cars, homes, industrial machines, and city centers. They build America.

Why is it important to address unfair trade, especially with regard to the steel industry?
Artificial distortions in the steel market caused by unfair trade practices such as steel dumping hurt American companies that are playing by the rules. The American steel industry is ready and equipped to meet the steel needs of our nation, but cannot compete in a market populated by countries that ignore international agreements to illegally boost their own interests. I am committed to working with my colleagues in Washington to level the playing field to allow free and fair trade flourish.

How would your constituents be affected if trade laws are not aggressively enforced?
Allowing other nations to ignore both international and American trade laws is unacceptable because it hinders fair market practices that allow companies to compete based on the merits of their products. I am working with the Trump administration to preserve American jobs so that the steel industry can grow and prosper. The people of Alabama know how to work hard and produce quality products, and they deserve appropriate protections to ensure products made in Alabama can be exported to a level playing field around the globe.

How is the steel industry an example of environmental stewardship?
The steel industry is a great example of an industry that strives to meet and comply with the EPA standards and regulations. Its employee-first mentality starts with an emphasis on safety, and encourages the development and prosperity of clean, safe communities where their employees are proud to live. The industry’s commitment to environmental management is a direct result.

Do you have any other comments or statements about the steel industry?
The steel industry has been the bedrock of Alabama’s industrial sector for the last century and is responsible for roughly 60,000 jobs across the state. I am firmly committed to being the strongest advocate for Alabama steel in Washington.