#SteelBriefs Profile - Representative Bradley Byrne (R) AL-1

Representative Bradley Byrne (R) AL-1

The American steel industry employs nearly 140,000 workers, supports about a million jobs in the larger economy and is vital to nearly every aspect of modern life. #Steelbriefs highlights the opinions of steel advocates in Congress on key issues critical to the steel industry by profiling members of Congress who have worked to curtail the unfair foreign trade practices that have impacted the industry, and championed other issues critical to steel like transportation, infrastructure and energy. You can follow #SteelBriefs on the American Iron and Steel Institute Twitter (@AISISteel) and Facebook channels, as well as here on steel.org.

How does the steel industry benefit your district?

My district in Southwest Alabama, and our entire state as a whole, has a very long and proud tradition of supporting the steel industry. SSAB and AM/NS both have facilities in my district where they do very important work and employ a large number of people in high paid, high skill jobs. These jobs in turn create thousands of other jobs in numerous sectors of the South Alabama economy.

Why is it important to address unfair trade, especially with regard to the steel industry?

Bad actors, like China, are placing a real drag on the American steel industry, and we must start standing up to their illicit practices. That's why I have stood up time and time again to support the American steel industry in cases before the International Trade Commission and have supported efforts to increase enforcement resources for the Commerce Department.

How would your constituents be affected if trade laws are not aggressively enforced?

Manufacturers in Southwest Alabama can compete with anyone in the world. The key to trade is that it be fair. Bad trade practices have a direct, negative impact on American workers and the overall health of our economy. This is why it is so important we stand up to these bad actors and work to ensure that trade laws are enforced as strictly as possible.

Why is national infrastructure investment important?

Investments in the Interstate Highway System and other infrastructure projects provided the means to transform America into the economic power house we are today. Having a safe, efficient, and reliable infrastructure continues to be vital to the success of the American economy. From roads and bridges to waterways and ports, we must continue to invest in our infrastructure in order to support commerce throughout the United States and around the globe.

Do you have any other comments or statements about the steel industry?

I am proud to be a champion of the American steel industry, and I applaud all the hardworking men and women who work every single day to support the industry and the American economy.