#SteelBriefs Profile - Representative Mo Brooks (R) AL-5

Representative Mo Brooks (R) AL-5

The American steel industry employs nearly 140,000 workers, supports about a million jobs in the larger economy and is vital to nearly every aspect of modern life. #Steelbriefs highlights the opinions of steel advocates in Congress on key issues critical to the steel industry by profiling members of Congress who have worked to curtail the unfair foreign trade practices that have impacted the industry, and championed other issues critical to steel like transportation, infrastructure and energy. You can follow #SteelBriefs on the American Iron and Steel Institute Twitter (@AISISteel) and Facebook channels, as well as here on steel.org.



Statement from Representative Mo Brooks (R) AL-5:

America's steel industry is absolutely essential to our nation's way of life. It supports our energy supply, transportation and infrastructure needs, as well as providing critical materials for our national security. In my home state of Alabama, the steel industry generates nearly 10,000 jobs and supports more than 60,000. Specifically, in the Fifth District of Alabama, Nucor's Decatur plant produces more than 2.5 million tons of flat rolled steel - in a community of about 55,000 residents. We must preserve a strong domestic steel manufacturing sector not only to protect these good-paying jobs, but to ensure our nation's economic growth and national security.

Unfortunately, America is engaged in a trade battle . . . and we are losing. Our current international trade deficit approximates $800 billion. Unfair trade practices have done far too much damage to the American economy and cost too many Americans their jobs.

As a member of Congress, I am actively engaging in these issues. Specifically, I am an original cosponsor of House legislation to stand up against harmful currency manipulation practices. Additionally, I supported House passage of legislation to enhance the United States' trade enforcement capabilities against nations engaging in illegal trade practices. I was pleased to see the President sign this important bipartisan legislation earlier this year and am hopeful these additional tools will help to level the playing field for American manufacturers and workers.