Looking for the Best and Brightest

Today’s 21st Century steel industry is built on advanced technologies to produce precision products of the utmost quality and with the cleanest environmental footprint.  In order to achieve these ideals, the steel industry is looking for top notch men and women of many diverse backgrounds and disciplines—the best and the brightest talent—to build a sustainable future for the North American steel industry.  

As the industry has advanced in terms of its efficiency and automation, jobs tend to require higher levels of skill and education, but modern steelmaking also offers diverse and well-paying careers.  Typical types of educational backgrounds that might help prepare someone for a career in the industry include: 

  • accounting
  • computer science
  • engineering
  • environmental
  • scientists
  • industrial, electrical and civil engineers
  • industrial hygienists
  • law degree
  • materials science
  • MBAs
  • metallurgy

In addition, certain skilled production jobs will increasingly require associate's degrees in technology.   Other areas of the steelmaking process do require jobs devoted to maintenance, transportation or general plant service jobs.

Scholarship Opportunities Available

The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) has teamed up with the Association for Iron and Steel Technology Foundation (AIST Foundation) to create the Ferrous Metallurgy Education Today (FeMET) Initiative.   Its three goals are to encourage more students to choose metallurgy or materials science as their field of study; to recruit more of such graduates into the steel industry and to increase the number of professors knowledgeable in steel in North American universities.

We believe this approach supports our overall desire to cultivate the next generation of skilled metallurgists who will create the innovative products that will strengthen steel’s position as the material of choice for thousands of industrial and consumer applications.