Men and women of the steel industry are one of its greatest assets—an assertion you’ll find made by each and every one of AISI’s member companies. Today’s North American steel industry employs highly motivated, highly skilled individuals to produce quality steels present in our every day lives.

Safety is a core value of AISI’s member companies. We are committed to rigorous safety programs that help ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all our workers. More>>

Looking for the Best and the Brightest

Today’s 21st Century steel industry is built on advanced technologies to produce precision products of the utmost quality and with the cleanest environmental footprint.  In order to achieve these ideals, the steel industry is looking for top notch men and women of many diverse backgrounds and disciplines—the best and the brightest talent—to build a sustainable future for the North American steel industry.  

As the industry has advanced in terms of its efficiency and automation, jobs tend to require higher levels of skill and education, but modern steelmaking also offers diverse and well-paying careers.  Typical types of educational backgrounds that might help prepare someone for a career in the industry include:  More>>

Profiles in Steel

In this section, AISI highlights some of the men and women contributing to the steel industry. The steel manufacturing industry is an essential part of our nation’s economy. The steel industry employs about 140,000 people directly, and directly or indirectly supports more than one million U.S. jobs. 

Men and women in the steel industry possess a diverse set of skills and educational backgrounds-- some work in steel mills manufacturing steel products, while others work offices to promote the industry and create pro-manufacturing policies. 

Highlighted in Profiles in Steel are a few of the individuals who are consistently working to ensure a strong and independent U.S. steel industry, and are committed to the modernization of workplace safety, research and development and environmentalism. 

 Did You Know | Facts About The Steel Industry | American Iron and Steel Institute

Steel is the vanguard of manufacturing, essential to the automotive, construction and defense industries—all job-generating sectors.

Where Steel is Made


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