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850 Work Order


AISI Outside Processor Committee
EDI Guideline Supplement Narrative
Outside Processor 850 Work Order Specification

The 850 Work Order transaction is designed for use by steel producers for EDI conveyance of work order instructions to an Outside Processor.  The accompanying Order Work specification document supports the AISI OP EDI Implementation Guidelines – Version 004010, which remains the industry standard.  This document is provided as an example to add interpretation and clarification to the guideline with the objective of encouraging standardization of EDI communications between steel producers and their outside processors.

Since the EDI Work Order is currently in use by select AISI member steel producers and their outside processors, immediate compliance with this more narrowly focused specification is too costly to advocate immediate change.  Hence, the newly created specification is broadly designed to encompass existing use and yet specify a preferred use for new installations.

The sample specification clearly differentiates between ‘preferred’ use and ‘accepted’ use for legacy installations by referencing the additional accepted segments for legacy use in red. Customer ordered dimensions, product description, paperwork instructions, packaging instructions and carrier shipment information have been included at the Item Level to support legacy implementation.  The legacy installation also permits multiple processing instructions within a single line item.  In general this does not produce redundant data, as one would anticipate, since most current installations of the work order provide for only one item on a given work order.

New installations of the EDI work order should follow the ‘preferred’ specification requirements (segments referenced in black).  This will aid in achieving the industry objective of implementing standardized EDI with common formatting and information requirements.  However, it is recommended that the outside processor/storage facility contact their steel producer(s) for guidance and instructions before they embark on developing this transaction.

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