Crossword Answers

Across Clues

1. Main Ingredient Of Steel
3. Caused When Impurities Are Released Into Air And Water
9. Furnace Used For Making Specialty Steel Such As Stainless Steel
12. Element Or Compound Found In The Earth
13. Coating For Cans
15. Molecular Structures Which Form When Molten Iron Hardens
17. Carbon Monoxide
18. Calcium (Chemical Symbol)
22. Formed From Skeletons And Shells In Ancient Seabeds
24. Compound of Iron
25. Iron is Made In A Bl__t Frunace
27. Melted Impurities
29. Steelmaking Plant
31. Shape Which Is Rolled Into Sheets or Plates
32. Long Period Of Time In Geological History
33. Making Steel In A Basic Oxygen Furnace Takes Much Less___ Than In An Open Hearth Furnace
37. Reusable Iron: Sc__p
38. Strong Metal Made From Iron Mixed With Carbon And Other Elements
42. Iron Product Which Is Hammered
43. Not New
45. Main Characteristic of Steel
46. Concern of Environmentalists

Down Clues

1. Molten Steel Is Poured Into ____ Molds
2. Mineral Containing Iron
3. Hole Made By Mining The Surface
4. Quality Checks
5. Steel Is Made In A ____
6. Melted By Heating
7. Pure Iron (Chemical Symbol)
8. Before Two
10. Element In Stainless Steel
11. Iron Oxide, Makes Iron “Red”
14. Is Our Coal Supply Unlimited?
16. Mixture of Metals
17. Shape in A Mold
19. Formed Over Millions Of Years From Decaying Plants
20. Vertical Passageway In A Mine
21. Attracts Iron
23. Can Be Rolled Or Beaten Into Different Shapes
26. Where Limestone Was Formed
28. Study Of The Earth
30. Holds And Pours Molten
34. Not Out
35. You and I
36. Pepper and ____
39. Steel Product Like Saw Or Pliers
40. Light Substance Like Air
41. Helps Coke Burn
44. A Steel P___ Is A Common Fastener