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Additive Manufacturing Impacts on Steel and Competing Materials

3D printing has revolutionized the way that prototyping is performed. To date, the Steel industry has not experienced any significant gain with additive manufacturing technology. Research is needed to identify potential opportunities, determine the technology barriers to implementing 3D printing with steel, and decide how best to overcome those barriers. A market analysis is also necessary to gain an understanding of achievements other materials have experienced/may experience with additive manufacturing.

Recycling of Steel Plant Co-products

The Steel industry is seeking to reduce the amount of co-products of the steel making process that go into landfills. Some co-products have an established process, for example, slag handling results in slag products being used in construction, asphalt, and agricultural markets. There are other co-products that do not currently have a path towards reuse. Research is needed to increase the recycling and reuse of steelmaking co-products that end up in landfills.

CO2 Reduction from Steelmaking Processes

CO2 reduction has been, and will remain a priority for manufacturing companies. The Steel industry has made significant improvements in reducing CO2 emissions, but seeks to further this effort and reduce CO2 emissions even more. The Steel industry is seeking new technologiesto reduce, capture and/or sequester the CO2 from steelmaking processes.

Unsolicited Proposals

AISI Technology is interested in any ideas to benefit the steel industry. If you have an idea that does not meet the requirements of active or future solicitations, please email your proposal to Michael Sortwell

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