Research Solicitation - Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is there any time line the project should be 6 months, 1 yr, 2 yrs etc?
There is no preferred project duration. Proposal should indicate the estimated amount of time required to complete the project.

2. What is the level of funding we can request?
There are no guidelines on the level of funding available. Proposal should indicate the estimated amount of money required to complete the project.

3. Is having an industrial partner beneficial?
Yes. It is beneficial to have an industrial partner.

4. Which type of measurement is preferred - direct or indirect?
Direct measurement technology is preferred, but proposals for accurate indirect measurement technology will also be evaluated.

5. What degree of accuracy is required?
Accuracy depends on the process parameter that is being measured therefore no accuracy level has been defined for this broad topic solicitation. Proposals should indicate the achievable range of accuracy for a specific measurement so that steel producing companies can direct proposer on what level of accuracy to pursue.

6. How often should measurements be taken to be considered continuous?
Frequency of measurements to be considered continuous depends on the process parameter that is being measured. For example, some molten steel heats are a 50 minute process where a reading every 10 seconds may be acceptable. Some cold rolling lines run at 350 feet per minute where a reading every 1/10 of a second may be necessary. It is possible to collect data continuously, but only save data when the parameter being measured changes. Proposals should indicate the range of frequency achievable so that steel producing companies can direct proposer on what frequency to pursue.

7. What is the range of copper levels in the pickle liquor?
Copper Ion levels in pickling baths are about 25 to 350 ppm.

8. Is there a specification on the accuracy and precision of the copper measurement?
For this particular application, it is expected the accuracy would be about +/- 3 ppm.

9. Are the sensors limited to the ones listed on the webpage?
No. The sensors listed on the webpage are examples and the solicitation is not exclusive of other types of processes in steelmaking and finishing.

10. Is there an interest in funding research start-up companies or that exclusively existing organizations are considered?
The interest in this proposal solicitation is to further the use of advanced measurement technology in the steelmaking process.  This is independent of where the technology comes from (start-up or existing).  Proposals will be evaluated based on technological value as well as project cost, time requirement, and expertise of the organizations participating in the project.

11. Is there any specific definition of the needed improvements for oxygen sensor technology?
The desired improvement for sensors that measure oxygen in liquid metal is to have continuous monitoring with an accuracy that meets or exceeds ASTM standards.

More questions will be added as they are asked and answered.