Tax Policy

A healthy and vibrant manufacturing sector is crucial to our nation’s economic recovery and to addressing the current budget deficit. It is the engine that provides citizens good-paying jobs with benefits and creates high value products for export. As such, federal tax policy should encourage investment in manufacturing facilities and equipment. Efforts to reform existing tax law should be focused on eliminating anti-competitive tax policies that inhibit new investment in manufacturing, and should not result in a net tax increase on the manufacturing sector.

Industry Position: Tax reform proposals advanced in the Congress should strengthen the U.S. industrial base by reducing, not increasing, the overall tax burden on manufacturers and by promoting increased investment in domestic manufacturing facilities and equipment. Tax reform should also be geared toward making U.S. manufacturers and steel producers more competitive globally, which means supporting tax code provisions that lower the cost of capital, making investments in the U.S. more attractive than elsewhere.  More »

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The United States has the highest statutory corporate tax rate among developed countries.