Occupational Health and Safety

There are several key public policy areas that impact the state of the steel industry’s workforce. In particular, matters regarding workplace occupational health and safety and education, along with policies that may impact company investment decisions are of key importance to AISI.

AISI member companies have made substantial efforts to decrease the number and frequency of workplace incidents and continue to work through AISI to share information and best practices to meet their shared goal of improving occupational safety and health. AISI recognizes that it is a policy priority of the federal government to ensure safety and health at industrial workplaces. The steel industry shares this critical goal. Our experience has demonstrated that cooperative efforts among company management, employees, and government help maximize safety and health. However, regulations that are not based on thorough cost-benefit analysis may misdirect priorities and create unnecessary costs for employers that prevent optimum workplace safety and health benefits from being realized. Furthermore, increased enforcement measures can be counterproductive to achieving optimal benefits. It is also critical that the nation educate and prepare the next generation of workforce in “applied engineering technology” for work in industries such as steel.

Industry Position: Congress and the Administration should pursue cooperative government-industry approaches to promoting worker health and safety, such as the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). Overly burdensome OSHA and MSHA regulations may misplace priorities and create costs to employers that prevent workplace safety and health benefits from being realized. Furthermore, government workplace regulation that distorts investment decisions by private industry should be minimized. The federal government should also support workforce development educational programs to prepare the employees of industries such as steel for the advanced technologies of modern manufacturing.  More »

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Over 88 percent of all end of life steel products are recycled in North America each year - more than aluminum, paper, plastic and glass combined.