North American steel producers are among the most competitive in the world and can compete with any private, market-based producers, but we cannot compete against governments.

In 2012, steel imports surged into the U.S. market, impeding the domestic industry’s full recovery from the economic recession. These imports have captured market share and cost tens of thousands of U.S. jobs throughout the steelmaking supply  chain. This import surge is largely a result of foreign government policies.

China, India, Brazil and other major offshore steel producers continue to use subsidies, tax and trade policies, and investment restrictions to protect their markets and expand their exports. The United States needs a new, more effective trade policy to combat these unfair trade practices, level the playing field, and preserve and strengthen our manufacturing base.

Industry Position: A more effective U.S. trade policy is needed to level the playing field as well as preserve and strengthen our nation’s manufacturing base. The U.S. Government must expand rules-based trade; keep our laws against unfair trade strong; strictly enforce trade agreements; and use all means to prevent and address unfair trade and injurious surges.”  More »

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