Sensible Approach

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Letter to the Editor)

Your June 22 editorial criticizing Rep. Tim Murphy's views on the cap-and-trade bill just passed by the U.S. House of Representatives is off the mark ("Climactic Vote"). Rep. Murphy supports the development of clean energy resources and dedicated funding toward research and development of renewable and alternative energy.

What he is concerned about, as are we in the steel industry, is the unintended consequences that would come with the cap-and-trade plan as currently written, especially the high increase in energy costs to every consumer and the potential loss of thousands of manufacturing jobs. Climate change is a global issue that requires global solutions. Successful climate legislation must not send manufacturing jobs overseas to countries with lax environmental enforcement.

It is particularly disappointing that with such an important issue, that the House leadership rushed a 1,200-page bill on a fast track to a vote. A common-sense approach, such as Rep. Murphy advocates, is needed to give all sides the opportunity to be heard and in the end produce real improvements for the environment while also balancing the economic impact. We will push for this type of approach as the bill now moves to the Senate.

Thomas J. Gibson, President and CEO, American Iron and Steel Institute, Washington, D.C.