'Roadshow' Promoting Remedies for Currency Manipulation Visits South Carolina

AISI President and CEO Thomas Gibson (left)  listens as Matt Blunt, president of the American Automotive Policy Council and former governor of Missouri, speaks at the South Carolina State House. To Blunt's left is Augustine Tantillo, president of the National Council of Textile Organizations.

COLUMBIA, SC - AISI President and CEO Thomas J. Gibson joined with American Automotive Policy Council (AAPC) President Governor Matt Blunt and National Council of Textile Associations (NCTO) President and CEO Augustine Tantillo in hosting two events this week in North Carolina and South Carolina to highlight the need for currency manipulation remedies. .

The three trade association CEOs called on government representatives to address unfair currency policies in ongoing international trade talks and future trade agreements in order to protect American jobs and spur economic growth.

Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Tim Scott (R-SC) and Congressmen Joe Wilson (R-SC) and Tom Rice (R-SC) participated in the South Carolina event held at the State Capitol Building in Columbia on Thursday. Matt Currie, the controller for Nucor Building Systems, was also in attendance to offer support on the issue on behalf the of the steel industry.

A similar event was held last week in Ohio. AISI statements on these events can be found here.

AISI President and CEO Thomas Gibson chats with
Matt Currie, the controller for Nucor Building Systems,
at the South Carolina event.