Thomas J. Gibson visits The Museo Del Acero sponsored by AISI member Deacero

(L-R) Luis Leal, Deacero; Marta Piñeyro, Museo Del Acero; Thomas J. Gibson, American Iron and Steel Institute; Juan Antonio Reboulen, Deacero; Luis López, Museo Del Acero.

Thomas J. Gibson,  president and CEO of the American Iron and Steel Institute, on March 12 visited the state of the art steel museum in Monterrey, Mexico, sponsored by AISI member Deacero.  The Museo Del Acero is designed in and around Horno Alto #3, one of the three original blast furnaces in Monterrey’s Parque Fundidora. The abandoned blast furnace structure houses an interactive exhibit which brings the old furnace to simulated life.  Gibson observed, “The story of steel told through the exhibits in this world-class museum highlight the critical role our industry plays in Mexico, and all of North America, in the past two centuries.  It was an honor to be hosted by the museum and Deacero, and I encourage anyone who is able to take a trip to Mexico to visit this incredible museum."