American Metal Market Rising Stars Award

American Metal Market is seeking 10 emerging leaders who are under 45 for first Rising Stars of the metals industry. These leaders can come from anywhere in the supply chain -- from mining to finished product with processors, semi-finished, coatings, manufactures, in between.

Proven Contribution: Men and women in their 20’s, 30’s and early 40’s who have made a proven contribution to their company, and in turn the industry, whether it is strategy, technology, patents, processes, turning around a division or other measure.

Innovative: They are influential, the ones driving the agenda for the industry and in their companies by innovating in new ways and guiding their businesses into new markets.

Go-getters: They have demonstrably moved the needle either in industry terms or at their companies, whether through business transformation, pioneering action, revenue growth, discovering new opportunities, upended markets/categories, made an extraordinary effort with a corresponding impact, might well be considered the future leaders of our industry.

Please send the following
1. Entry name title and contact details of your nominee
2. Key Contact for Entry (if not the entry themselves)
3. Organization submitting entry
4. A synopsis of why the nominee should be considered a rising star. Please provide specific accomplishments and milestones achieved by this person, specific traits and abilities that make him/her stand out among peers, along with a few lines explaining i) what their proven contribution has been/is, ii) in what ways they’ve been innovative, iii) what makes this person a future leader of our industry.
5. Any attachment you wish to upload.
6. A headshot of the nominee.

Eligibility requirements: Applicants must be currently employed by a company in the metals/minerals industry anywhere along the supply chain from raw to finished, or work as a consultant or other service provider to the industry.

The top 10 winners will be announced in May. They will be profiled in the June issue of American Metal Market Magazine and honored at the Awards for Steel Excellence dinner, June 9th 2015. The runners up will be profiled within the awards pages on AMM’s website.

Send application to Bette Kovach,

Deadline March 31st 2015